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Smart Key Access Control

LOKtouch™ is an Electronic Master Key System that offers premium security. LOKtouch™ smart key access control utilises stand-alone electronic cylinders and electronic keys, instead of traditional mechanical cylinders & keys, or fully-wired electronic systems.

The LOKtouch™ electronic cylinders are retro-fitted to replace mechanical lock cylinders in existing doors, cabinets, drawers and padlocks. The LOKtouch™ Access control system incorporates electronic keys, proximity cards, Mifare enabled mechanical keys and NFC smartphones to provide a vast range of access solutions to meet today’s ever changing requirements.

Key Features of LOKtouch™ includes:

Versatile - LOKtouch™ is suitable for all your security needs. It can be used in almost any location, from securing a small office or factory to providing access control for a school or university.

Wireless - Each cylinder is powered by the key, meaning there is no requirement for expensive wiring to connect the locks.

Easy to install - Implement a system from scratch or retrofit your current security setup.


Secure - Your data credentials are encrypted to ensure your system is secure 24/7. Without the use of the traditional keyway, security against traditional manipulation attacks such as picking or lock-bumping is enhanced.

Modern Technology - LOKtouch™ utilisies the latest in mobile technology including RFID & NFC. You can also control and audit your system via your smartphone.

Access Options - make your choice between E-Key, Smart Card and Access Key

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