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Each BiLock cylinder is probably best described as two locks in one. The dual-bladed keys are cut on two independent rows of pin tumblers, each row of pins in turn activating a separate side bar. In addition to the many inbuilt features that prevent picking, the pins are especially shaped and ‘blunted’ to frustrate attempts at impressioning. Each cylinder can also be fitted with optional hardened steel pins to resist drilling. BiLock’s ingenious design allows this high security mechanism to be installed in virtually all of the current planned locking systems that your business may use. BiLock also offers economical on-site servicing by authorised dealers. The ability to change combinations simply and speedily means that lost keys should no longer compromise your security. Your BiLock dealer will maintain and upgrade your key registration records to safeguard the security and integrity of your organisation’s master keying system at all times.

8 and 12 PIN DESIGNS FOR OPTIMUM SECURITY - BiLock has up to twice the number of pins compared to most conventional locks - plus two sidebars for double the security. 

 DUAL-BLADED KEY - Each blade is cut to a different combination before forming the distinctive ‘U’ shape. Effectively, you have two different keys operating simultaneously in one lock. 

 VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO PICK - The 8 and 12 pin designs, dual side bars, ‘U’ shaped keyway and secondary false holes in the pins all combine to offer an unparalleled pick resistant BiLock cylinder. 

 KEY DUPLICATION - Duplication is limited to authorised dealers through Australian Lock Company’s cutting and key forming equipment. Customer authorisation is essential for duplication. 

 HIGH INTEGRITY MASTER KEYING - Strictly controlled duplication, computerised key registration and the vast number of keying combinations ensure the long term integrity of your system. 

 CONVERT YOUR LOCKS TO HIGH SECURITY - BiLock cylinders allow you to easily add high security to your locking system. If necessary, BiLock can even design and manufacture special locks to suit your needs.

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